Aerial photographerAerial Photographer

03/07/2014by Derek Fett

Aerial photographer

Aerial Photographer

Derek Fett has established a successful photography business and has now expanded to become an aerial photographer and aerial videographer. Whilst aerial photography is not a new service to made available throughout the UK, the way it is delivered by Aerial Media Scotland is very specialised, quick and cost effective.

Remote Piloted Aerial System photography

Aerial Media Scotland can offer cost effective, quick solutions through the use of Remote Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) sometimes known as Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) or a drone. These battery powered devices are very portable, can flown inside and outdoors, provide a live video link so the pilot and client can see exactly what the camera is seeing so the correct images are captured.

With the use of a DJI Spreading Wing S1000 eight bladed RPAS Aerial Media Scotland can access areas and views which wouldn’t normally be accessible to an aircraft or helicopter which can’t fly below 500 feet above ground level. The RPAS is only allowed to fly up to 400 feet above ground level which opens up a whole new world of images for our clients.


To ensure the highest levels of safety, Aerial Media Scotland staff have undergone web based, ground school and practical flight assessment training which allows them to gain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate this type of equipment to capture spectacular images and video. The business is also fully insured for this type of work. There are a few companies throughout Scotland and the UK who offer this service, but the majority of them do not hold insurance for commercial work or have the CAA Permissions issued to them, before booking them please check they have the necessary training and documentation.


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