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This is your opportunity to differentiate from your competition, increase your client base and provide a first-class level of customer service. The quality and impact of your images can be the difference between getting a customer and turning potential buyers away.

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Endless possibilities for estate agents in Scotland with high resolution estate agency aerial photography using a remote controlled drone


Aerial Media Scotland provides estate agents aerial photography service throughout Scotland to a variety of clients, which allows them to step ahead of games with unique views.

We provide services for:

    • small, medium and large estates and properties
    • image mapping – ‘birds eye’ images from height allowing you to map out a large estate
    • property developments
    • whole residential estates, villages and towns and other specific areas

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Your images say a lot about your Estate Agency

In a highly competitive market place it can be challenging to find new ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. As a successful Estate Agent you’re highly selecDrone photographertive when it comes to choosing the correct photography company to capture high quality images of your portfolio. You’re portfolio must be presented in the best possible way in your marketing materials, whether that be online or in print. The images must be representative and as close as possible to the real thing so that your potential buyers get a very good understanding and feeling for what’s on offer.

Turbocharge your sales

It’s also important to you that you are able to provide excellent customer service and that your customer, the seller, feels confident that their property has been marketed in the best way possible, resulting in the timely sale and perfect deal they are looking for. It’s clear that when your potential buyers are searching for properties and estates online, the quality and impact of the images can be the difference between getting an appointment and turning them away.

Don’t settle for the norm when you can choose Aerial Media Scotland

This is your opportunity to differentiate from your competition, increase the number of appointments you get and provide a first-class level of customer service. Aerial Media Scotland use specialised and new technology to capture aerial images of small, medium and large estates and properties. Our remote controlled drone makes it easier than ever to capture high resolution images to ensure that your portfolio stands out from the crowd.

4 reasons to hire Aerial Media Scotland for your Estate Agents Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has a greater impact on prospective buyers and therefore you can increase your conversion rate and be a step ahead of your competitors. Give your client additional confidence that you are doing everything you can to market their property by over delivering with aerial photography. This will provide a completely different aspect and will showcase your clients’ property and estate in the best possible way. Because you are no longer restricted to the ground, with our remote controlled drone you can let your imagination go and get creative with your marketing and customer presentations. Aerial photography is perceived as very expensive and exclusive photography and most of your competitors will not consider it as a realistic option. Also, your prospective sellers and buyers will also perceive your business as a higher end option and a step above the rest. It’s a win-win!.

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