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This is your opportunity to differentiate from your competition, increase your client base and provide a first-class level of customer service. The quality and impact of your images can be the difference between getting a customer and turning potential buyers away.

Marketing & PR aerial photography

UAV drone photography

Transform your Marketing & PR campaigns with aerial drone photography

Aerial photography allows you to capture a completely different aspect. Simply by lifting the camera 30-40 feet in the air provides you with a completely new way look to your marketing and PR campaigns. At Aerial Media Scotland we’re taking photography to a whole new level. Our remote controlled drones or UAV’s allows us to provide you with stunning high resolution marketing aerial photography of:

drone pr

  • Large Estates & Property
  • Large Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Areas within Villages and Towns
  • Church Roof Surveys and Inspections
  • Large Development Areas
  • Football and Rugby Stadiums
  • Internal Areas of Properties and Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Country House Estates
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Indoor and Outdoor Events

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Out with the old…

In the past you would have normally been restricted to how you could capture aerial images of large areas for marketing and PR campaigns. Mainly because it’s normally very expensive a difficult to coordinate. You may have had to use a helicopter which is expensive, time consuming and extremely inflexible. One of the main restrictions with other aerial photography methods is the inability to get really close to objects at height in a safe and controlled manner. We’ve got the perfect solution.

Introducing a fresh new approach to marketing & PR photography

Here at Aerial Media Scotland we give you access to state-of-the-art technology that is revolutionising the way in which you can present your images in marketing and PR.  With our remote controlled drone you now have the ability to let your imagination go and take a new look at how you capture images for your marketing and PR campaigns by using marketing aerial photography. It’s a whole new world.

3 reasons to hire Aerial Media Scotland to transform your marketing and PR campaigns

Perhaps the biggest benefit for you is the ability to let your imagination go and think wider, bigger and higher than you ever have before. This allows you to redefine your presentations and produce dynamic marketing and PR campaigns.You no longer have to worry about the expense of using other traditional forms of marketing aerial photography.

Not only are we affordable, but Aerial Media Scotland will also save you time. We give you access to state-of-the-art technology and our high-tech remote controlled drone allows you to get closer, quicker, with more control and more flexibility than any other aerial photography method.

Having the ability to capture any image from height using aerial photography looks expensive and therefore most people won’t consider it as an option. Aerial Media Scotland will help you to get ahead of your competition.

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