Aerial Roof Inspection

Roof inspection aerialHigh resolution aerial photography in Scotland for roof inspection and structural survey work using remote control drone

Aerial roof inspection by drone / UAV allow you to survey all the hard to reach places at height using aerial photography and inspect your roof for:

    • loose, damaged and broken slates
    • the build up of moss on tiles and in guttering
    • damage after storms and extreme weather conditions
    • the state of previous repairs
    • high and hard to reach exterior and interior walls


Don’t take your chances with any other method of height inspection

Roof inspectionsAerial roof inspection prove to be challenging at the best of times mainly because they are generally not designed to be walked on. Furthermore, most roofs are made of valleys and parapets which cannot be viewed from the ground. This creates major challenges for roof inspections, which in turn can create a risk to health and safety.

Perhaps your only option to date was to build scaffolding, hire a cherry picker or a crane. In some cases you may have had no choice but to leave some areas of the roof unchecked due to limited accessibility. It also may be the case that your church grounds limit your options due to accessibility.

This can result in damage and defects going unchecked, which in turn results in the greater risk of water ingress, rot, damp and insect infestation and ultimately a roof that’s unsafe.

Save on expensive repair costs through regular inspection

As with most things, the key is to be able to spot any issues or damage early so it can be repaired quickly. Otherwise there is the risk of serious damage resulting in long term and very expensive repairs, and in some cases a complete recovering of the roof. It is recommended that your church roof is inspected twice per year.

Aerial roof surveyFinally, an affordable and hassle free method for church roof inspections

At Aerial Media Scotland we use new and specialised aerial photography technology to eliminate all of the potential issues and challenges when it comes to inspecting and surveying church roofs.

Our remote controlled drone gets into all those hard reach places that weren’t possible before. The majority of accessibility and health and safety issues associated with church roofs are completely eliminated.

We make it very easy to inspect roofs and we can work closely with your architect and surveyor to make sure we inspect and check all the important areas and the sections of the church roof that require immediate attention.

6 reasons to choose Aerial Media Scotland for your roof inspection

Our drone can get within inches of your roof and into all those hard to reach places that were previously impossible without great risk to health and safety.

Falling from height is one of the major causes of workplace fatalities each year and with absolutely no need to use a ladder, cherry picker or scaffolding, Aerial Media Scotland eliminates any risks to health and safety when working at height.

Roofs can be highly dangerous and it’s normal practice to carry out risk assessments prior to any inspection. However, Aerial Media Scotland has no requirement to set up any heavy equipment, work at heights or set foot on your roof, so there’s not need for risk to staff. We’ll be safely on the ground with the ability to view the images in real time.

There’s no heavy equipment to be set up, no accessibility challenges with regards to the grounds or the roof, and therefore we can get your church roof inspection completed very quickly without any interruptions and any time delay. This allows you to get a quick indication of the state of your roof and spot any essential repairs as early as possible.

Aerial Media Scotland have all the specialised equipment to hand and due to the significantly reduced time to set up, the costs are greatly reduced, which allows you to allocate your budget to the most important thing, which is to get those essential roof repairs completed.

Through capturing high resolution aerial photos of your roof inspection you can use these images for mandatory reporting and proof that a roof inspection has been carried out, thus protecting you from any legal repercussions. Your images can also be annotated to highlight any specific areas for attention, which is also good for your reporting needs.

“Quick and Low Cost Assessment…”

“We suffered storm damage to our church building and needed access quickly and at low cost to see the extent of the damage to allow an assessment to be made without the need to erect expensive scaffolding.  With the Drone service by Aerial Media Scotland, we were able to quickly assess the damage to allow the roofing company to provide a quote to proceed with an insurance claim.”

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