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03/06/2015by Derek Fett

Aerial video drone production using a qualified pilot and UAV drone in Scotland

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle also known as Civil Drone industry is fast becoming a cheaper and more effective alternative to capturing aerial video or aerial photographs than using a conventional helicopter or aircraft.

This video was produced for Craigtoun Meadows Holiday Park in St. Andrews. Don’t forget to turn the volume up……..and enjoy!

Aerial Video production

Aerial Media Scotland have the ability to provide aerial drone and ground based HD quality video footage which we can edit or provide to a third party for final editing to produce stunning promotional videos and films which can then be used on a clients website, social media outlets or presentations. Using a Civil Drone for this type of work provides a unique birds eye view, not often seen, of a venue which gives a whole new scale and experience for a potential customer.

A civil drone is limited to flying to a maximum height of 400 feet above ground level compared to a helicopter which can only come down to 500 feet above ground level. This allows the drone to create a far more intimate aerial video drone production and is also a much cheaper alternative to a helicopter costing £1,200.00 per hour, you could have a UAV for a whole day and still have money in your pocket.

Qualifications and Insurance

The majority of professional UAV rigs will be able to capture high resolution aerial photographs or HD quality video depending on the requirement by the client. These rigs are operated by qualified  pilots who have Permission for Aerial Work certification issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the UK and carry full insurance for this type of specialised work. If you are looking for a quote from a UAV or drone company remember to ask for a copy of these certificates, as there are a number of businesses advertising they are qualified and insured, however in reality they are not.

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