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16/12/2015by Derek Fett

Aerial video filming using a CAA approved pilot and drone

The demands become greater for film and video production companies to come up with new views and ideas for documentaries and promotional films. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or more easily known as drones can be the answer for that unique image providing aerial video filming.

Aerial video film production

We have worked with a number of national production companies who use the aerial video filming abilities of a drone as an additional camera and view or we can provide a whole package solution. This would include aerial filming, ground based conventional video filming, interviews, editing and backing music depending on your requirements.

Both of our drones have the ability to be flown outside in daylight hours and to a maximum altitude of 400 feet but the DJI Inspire 1 drone has the unique ground positioning system which allows it to be flown indoors as well in a safe and controlled manner.

The film below is an example where a drone was used with 1080 output and utilised as an additional camera for Into Production to complete there documentary film for Tigh Grian.

Tigh Grian from Into Productions on Vimeo.

4K and 1080HD output

aerial video Both of our drones can produce 720 or 1080 HD quality output and our latest addition to the fleet can provide 4K Ultra High Definition video output for the production companies requiring the highest quality for the final cut or who wish the ability to crop or zoom in within the video film.

Qualified and insured pilots

Aerial Media Scotland have experienced, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified and fully insured staff who can fly a variety of UAV’s for aerial filming work from Edinburgh to Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness not forgetting the Scottish Borders.

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