Although based in Scotland we get around

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UAV Drone Scotland operating locations

The name can be deceiving. Although we are based in Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland we operate UK wide. AMS provides UAV / drone inspections on wind turbine blades, fragile and dangerous roofs, cladding and conditional survey’s.

The map shows the locations of planned works coming up over the next few months, where our teams will be flying the drones on a variety of tasks.

We also provide 3D modelling and survey’s for a variety of buildings including heritage and historic buildings.

Using the Asctec Falcon 8 UAV, fitted with the Sony A7r camera’s, we can produce very high resolution inspection images using the 36mp sensor on the camera.

The Falcon 8 is an Octocopter configuration. This is capable of operating in 13m/s (30mph) of wind, which is a high wind tolerance compared to most other commercial UAV’s on the market. We can also operate from -5Deg C allowing all year round capability.

From our base in Scotland

From our base in Fife, Scotland we also provide commercial UAV / drone training. This allows individuals, as well as companies who are creating there own in house UAV capability, to learn the skills and techniques required to gain a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) certificate issued by the CAA.

Aerial Media Scotland also offer basic flight training for individuals who are looking to learn basic flying skills or want to see if they have the ability to fly a drone before the commit the money to buying one.

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