CAA drone registration for ALL in the UK

With continued changes in legislation and updates from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) a significant change is occurring within the UAV / Drone sector. CAA Drone registration is being introduced.

From the 30th November 2019 all drone users with aircraft of a weights between 250g and 20Kg must register with the CAA. This new law is mandatory for amateur / hobbyist users as well as commercially qualified operators who hold a PfCO certificate.

Who has to register a drone?

Drone qualified pilot

The CAA have split this in to two categories. The first category is for those persons who are responsible for drones. E.g. the Responsible Person within operations manual or the person in charge of a drone department. The second category is for pilots. This includes all amateur / hobbyist and commercially qualified drone pilots.

To simplify things slightly. If you are the responsible person and a pilot then you only have to register once.

What do you need to do?

Starting from the 1st October the registration process will be open and available for everyone to register. You need to the CAA website and tell them who you are and how you operate drones. There is a fee of £16.50 which must be paid to complete the process.

After completing the drone registration, the CAA will send you registration stickers which must be displayed on your drone.

Remember when placing these stickers to be careful and not block or interfere with the GPS receiver on your drone. The GPS receiver is normally under the cover of the drone and in the top middle section of the  main body of your drone. If you have any concerns then refer to the manufacturers instructions.

Once this completed then the registration last for one year.

CAA drone pilot registration

The process is the second stage and applies to everyone who flies a drone is the pilot in charge. You  have to visit the CAA website. Once on the website, read and understand the rules covering the safe flight of drones. After you have read the rules and understand them, you have to complete a short online assessment.

The online assessment should be a simple process, particularly if you hold a PfCO. Once you have passed the test, you will be sent a pilot registration. This registration number is valid for three years.

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