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27/11/2018by Derek Fett

Scotland commercial drone training courses 2019

Commercial drone training Scotland

A variety of commercial drone training Scotland courses in Dunfermline, Fife, are available depending on your knowledge, style of learning and specific requirements. The courses will allow applicants to be in a position to apply to the CAA for the Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) certificate for commercial drone operations. Both the Ground School and Online course include web based learning, an operations manual template and assistance with writing your operations manual and the final flight assessment.

As soon as you start considering a UAV commercial drone training course. It is best of you start keeping a basic flight log of your UAV experience to date and also a battery log. By doing this will kelp start a persistence and make things easier when you move forward to your application and renewals with the CAA

Choosing the right drone training course

The two day ground school course, held in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland,  is popular with those wanting a classroom environment and able to speak with an instructor to clarify key areas of learning. This course also includes 15 hours of web based learning prior to the ground school so you already have a basic understanding before embarking on your commercial drone training.

The advantage of the online commercial drone training course is that you are able to learn at your pace and in the environment of your on home. Without having to get time off work or being away overnight and the costs associated with that. The online training course is includes the written exam, operations manual template and review as well as your flight assessment. There is also the cost benefit for this course too.

Pfco training

Both these courses cover the following areas of learning –

  • Navigation
  • Air Law and responsibilities
  • Airmanship
  • Principles of safety and best practices
  • Operating procedures
  • SUA components
  • Airspace principles
  • Meteorology

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The process

When submitting your application the CAA for your PfCO a key part of this is your operations manual. Aerial Media Scotland’s commercial drone training courses include a template for your Operations Manual and Flight Reference Cards (FRC’s). Once you have this template an instructor will be appointed to you and assist with you populating the relevant information for your type of operation and particular UAV that will be used commercially.

Additionally as part of your standard course fee is your flight assessment. NOT all NQE trainers include this in the initial fee so watch out for this. The flight assessment will take around half a day. Included in the assessment is your pre deployment and planning of a commercial drone flight before moving to the flying ground in Fife where you will be assessed on basic flying skills. These skills will include safe flying, emergency procedures as well as your underpinning knowledge of air law and your particular UAV.

Once you’ve completed these stage, we will provide you with your certification, photo ID and NQE recommendation document for you to apply to the CAA

Application to the CAA

Once you have completed and passed your written exam and flight assessment you’re set to make your application to the CAA. This stage is carried out by yourself and you have to complete an online form and include the following documents –

  • Operations manual both Volume 1 and 2
  • Proof of passing a written exam
  • Proof of passing a flight assessment
  • Commercial UAV insurance
  • Written support from your NQE trainer

The current fee for your first time initial application £247.00 which you must pay at time of application. The CAA aim to turn your application around within 28 working days, but they do seem to be a little quicker than that.

After that you need to renew your PfCO on annual basis with the CAA.

The various drone training courses are run and managed by the UK’s largest Civil Aviation Authority approved NQE-

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Current drone training Scotland courses 2019 dates

Introduction to flight training

Saturday 26th Jan 2019

Commercial RPQ-s UAV drone training course (Ground School)

Saturday and Sunday 31st Aug 1st Sept 2019

Tuesday and Wednesday 24th and 25th September 2019


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