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How do I become a qualified commercial drone pilot?

Commercial drone training is vital in order to do commercial Drone work (any work that is paid) in the UK you are legally required to obtain a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) which is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). To obtain any PfCO you need to pass a Ground School, write your Operations Manual and pass a Practical Flight Assessment all of this training is carried out by a National Qualified Entity (NQE) is is authorised by the CAA.

We at Aerial Media Scotland provide the highest quality in all aspects of the drone training course to help you obtain your PfCO.

What is involved within commercial drone training?

Drone qualified pilot

Ground School

The Ground School has been developed to provide everything you need to know to start your commercial drone training.

Our 2-day intensive Ground School allows you to learn the current rules and regulations, and learn what you need to know before flying any Drone.

During the Ground School, you will do approximately 15 hours of web based learning prior to the classroom phase.

We will give you professional assistance in the production of your operations manual.

Operations Manual

Operations Manual is instructions and actions needed to undertake any Drone Flight safety. It contains information and the steps required to safely plan, check, fly ad land the Drone. It also will contain information about what to do in the case of an emergency.

The operations manual is required for all Permission for Commercial Operations applications and will checked by the CAA.

Our highly experienced instructors will help you through the process of completing your Operations Manual, ensuring that it is ready for submission to the CAA approval scheme.

Practical Flight Assessment

The practical Flight Assessment is designed to assess your ability to adequately plan an operation, as well as operating your drone.

You will be assessed against your procedures outlined within your operations manual and will conduct a series of exercises, manoeuvres and simulated emergency scenarios.

The test will last approximately three to four hours to simulate a real commercial job including planning, site assessment and practical flying skills.

Why Choose AMS?

Expert Instruction

Our Pilots have years of experience under their belt, and they want to help you learn from them. We want to teach you to think like a pilot, act like a pilot and most importantly perform as a pilot. With our reputation and networking within the industry will help you on your way to learn from the best.

Top Quality

Aerial Media Scotland Commercial Drone Training offers you the highest quality available, designed and delivered by experts.

A Name that you can trust

Aerial Media Scotland guarantees that you will get the information and support that you need to kick start your commercial Drone career.

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