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Commercial Drone Training in Scotland

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Commercial drone training is now provided in Scotland by Aerial Media Scotland for those who want to become Civil Aviation Authority approved and carry out commercial flight operations UK wide. By holding the Permission for Commercial Operations qualification issued by the CAA, this will allow the individual and companies to start flying drones commercially for UAV inspection and survey as well as aerial photography and video.

All Ground School training is carried out and certified by the UK’s largest NQE (National Qualified Entity) and flight assessments completed following the supported creation of your two volume Operations Manuals.

We are here to enable you on the path to perform safe and rewarding commercial Drone Operations

A variety of different commercial drone training courses are available depending on your experience, learning style (including online learning)  and what disciplines you are working towards including:

Drone training

Before attending the 2-day intensive training course. 15 hours of web based learning is completed so you have the reassurance and basic grounding before arriving. The Ground School is designed to bring you the up to update with all the relevant material you need to be aware of and to operate your Drone in a safe manner. Both the Ground School and Practical Flight assessment are in place to evaluate the pilot’s capability to perform a safe operation not only in planning but in execution.

To guarantee the most comprehensive training experience, we ensure that no question is left unanswered, our course is run in-depth ensuring that any new pilots are fully aware of the CAA current rules and regulations.

Aerial Media is the training partner for Scotland with RUAS who are a CAA approved NQE

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