PfCO Ground School commercial drone training – RPQ-s qualification

The two day PfCO ground school commercial drone training course is designed to teach you the skills and knowledge you will require to become a commercial UAV drone operator in the UK. On completion of the three stages you will be in a position to apply to the CAA for your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) certificate which needs to be renewed annually.

Our instructors are experienced in all aspects of fixed wing and multi rotor commercial drone operations before joining the teaching team. With a mixture of civilian and military experience, first class training standards are assured at all times. With a limit of fifteen students per course, the intensive training ensures a deeper understanding of the core material modules completed prior to attendance.

£995.00 inc VAT (£829.17 exc VAT) without operations manual review £895.00 inc VAT (£745.83 exc VAT)

Three keys steps to complete the PfCO commercial drone training


 Online distance learning includes the following modules:

Commercial drone training

  • Air Law Responsibilities
  • Airmanship and Aviation Safety
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Principles of Flight
  • RPAS Components
  • Airspace Classification
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Basic Map Reading
  • RPAS Operating Procedures

Step 2

2 day classroom learning:

The two day ground school takes you through the same modules that have completed online prior to attendance, but in much greater depth and detail.

These include –

  • Navigation
  • Air Law and responsibilities
  • Airmanship
  • Principles of safety and best practices
  • Operating procedures
  • SUA components
  • Airspace principles
  • Meteorology

Following a successful pass of the written exam the final part of the ground school is working on your operations manual and Flight Reference Cards (FRC’s) with one of our instructors and operations manual template, which is provided.

The written exam is included on the second day of the course. With free resit if required.

Lunch and refreshments are included and we can guide you towards local accommodation should you need it.

Step 3

Flight Assessment

The last stage to the commercial drone training is to attend our flying site for a practical flight assessment. This assessment is aimed to test your knowledge and skills in planning and implementing a commercial drone operation. Once the planning phase is completed in the office, we will then move to our flying field to complete the practical flying assessment.

Aspects that are assessed include

  • Pre-deployment and planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Knowledge of your UAV Drone

Application to the CAA

Once the three stages for the commercial drone training have been completed, we will supply you with all of your certificates for the ground school, flight assessment and a photo ID card as well as a supporting letter for your initial application to the CAA, which you do yourself separately.

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