Drone structural inspection

aerial inspection
Aerial inspection drone Falcon 8

Drone structural inspections makes one of the most difficult tasks very simple.The inspection of structures is often a time consuming, costly and difficult task. With High definition cameras fitted to a drone, roofs, structures and facades can be easily examined within minutes.

Close up views of any area

Drone structural inspection allows the client to get a close up view of any area of the building, which would normally have to have scaffolding or be inspected with the use of a cherry picker. Aerial Media Scotland is able to fulfil the clients demands. The client can monitor the footage being gathered on our ground station screen, to ensure that the client is getting exactly the images that are required.

Drone aerial building survey
Drone structural inspection

To scaffold a building to access the highest features for inspection would be a costly project. Far cheaper and safer is the use of drone. Drone inspection can save up to three times the cost of scaffold, as well as reducing working at height, thus promoting a safer and more cost effective solution.

The regular examination of a building is essential to minimise costly repairs. Drone building inspection can provide you with high definition images, which will enable you to carry out repairs as soon as possible. Over the course of a day Aerial Media Scotland can cover large areas making the whole inspection very cost effective, with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.


  • Cost effective compared to traditional methods (scaffolding)
  • Reduced health and safety risk, no personnel working at heights
  • Monitor footage from ground station and providing live feedback to client
  • Fast and responsive solution compared to traditional methods
  • High definition images sent to client within 3days of building inspection

Qualified and Insured

All work is carried out by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved operators who are trained and fully insured for this type of work.  They hold the Permission for Aerial Work certificate which is the national standard for commercial UAV / drone operations.

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