Drones in the construction industry

drones in the construction industry
Drone construction progress update

Drones in the construction industry are proving there worth all over the UK to architects, surveyors and civil engineers.

The use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) otherwise known as Drones has been steadily increasing over the last few years by construction companies, architects and surveyors .

Drones in the construction industry

Previously expensive, time consuming and high-risk tasks are now achieved quicker, more cost effectively and with little to no risk by using unmanned aircraft systems.

Conventional methods ranging from scaffolding, cherry pickers and helicopters to name only a few come with massive health & safety responsibilities burdening companies with risk assessments, training, planning, personnel resourcing and extended downtime.

The value UAVs can provide for projects includes –

Planning Construction – Aerial views of the proposed construction site can be used for logistics and planning, land surveys, thermal imaging, laser scanning and 3D models.

Monitor Progress – Aerial footage can monitor progress that can be shared with all stakeholders to view and discuss build projects without the need for site visits.

Marketing Images – Improve marketing by showcasing your projects with high-resolution aerial photos.

Enhance Safety – Drones can deliver views of elevated structural components and access views that were completely inaccessible by conventional means to you, and while everyone remains safely on the ground avoiding work at height risks.

Save Time and Money – Close up high resolution images and Birdseye views can be provided quickly and more cost effectively as there is no need for the use of expensive access equipment.

Aerial Media Scotland can provide aerial drone support to construction companies like yours and make your life a little easier.

Based near Edinburgh but with UK coverage, they are equipped with some of the most advanced drones and technology available and able to offer options that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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