FAQ about aerial drone photography and inspection

For the same reasons the Equipment Page was established, the FAQ page was created. Clients always have number of questions about how Aerial Media Scotland operates its UAV photography drone equipment for aerial photography.

The list below should help towards most of the questions, but please don’t hesitate to use the contact page or call 01383 324541 to find out more.


  • How long can the inspection UAV drone fly for?

The UAV drone has an endurance fully loaded of 18 minutes per battery. Plenty of time for drone inspection, aerial photographs or video to be taken.

  • What weather limitations do you have?

Aerial Media Scotland is fortunate to operate an AscTec Falcon 8 which can operate in wind speeds up to 13m/s (30mph) which is much higher than most other UAV drones who’s max wind speed is 9m/s (20mph). Temperature range is -5°C – 40°C

  • Can you do drone inspection flights in towns and cities?

Each flight is planned on a case by case basis but generally YES we can operate UAV inspections in towns and cities

  • Is Aerial Media Scotland insured?

Yes, as a professional UAV drone operator, aerial photography and video company we £5M Public Liability Insurance as well as cover for damage and loss to the remote aerial equipment

  • What qualifications do the pilots hold?

The pilots have undergone training and have achieved Remote Pilot Qualifications – small and the gained Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the CAA. The RPQS qualifications allows our pilots to fly a UAV drone up to maximum weight of 20Kg within the UK

  • Drone inspection – what can you inspect?

Aerial Media Scotland specialises in UAV drone inspection. Using the highest spec UAV’s we are able to view and photograph micro pitting on wind turbine blades, part numbers of bolts, missing components on HV networks, loose stone and masonry on heritage building

  • How high can you fly?

Legally any UAV drone in the UK can only fly up to 400ft above the surface it is over. All other manned aviation isn’t generally allowed below 500ft to allow a separation between drones and aircraft.

  • What weight is the drone?

The normal operating weight of the drone with the camera, gimbal and battery is 3Kg though one the particular drone used by Aerial Media Scotland can take off up to 11Kg

  • How do you know the camera is pointing the right way?

During an aerial photo flight, the pilot has a monitor on the ground and a downlink from the drone to view the live image form the two onboard cameras. This way he and the client can view exactly what is being captured to ensure the best results form every flight.



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