Aerial videoAerial video of fireworks by a drone

07/07/2014by Derek Fett

Drone Video

Drones and UAV’s are being used in a variety of amazing ways and offering video production companies a cost effective way of employing aerial video and views within a production at a far lower financial cost compared to a helicopter or an aircraft.

Operating a UAV/RPAS/Drone in the UK

For a drone to be used for aerial photography commercially, the pilot must be qualified, have insurance and in the case of the UK hold Permissions form the CAA, which are annually renewed.Within the UK there are very strict rules about a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle also known as a Remote Piloted Aerial System can be operated, where it can be operated and how close it can be to events and crowds.

Inside the Explosion

The following video is on You Tube and called Inside the Explosion was not filmed in the UK and having it on my site is not to give people ideas to fly these devices in to Firework displays, you have to be experienced, trained and qualified to fly them commercially, but the images are stunning.

Sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy…