Drone Training in Scotland

UAV inspection

Drone training now provided in Scotland How do I become a qualified commercial drone pilot? Commercial drone training is vital in order to do commercial Drone work (any work that is paid) in the UK you are legally required to…

Drone structural inspection

Drone structural inspection Drone structural inspections makes one of the most difficult tasks very simple.The inspection of structures is often a time consuming, costly and difficult task. With High definition cameras fitted to a drone, roofs, structures and facades can…

Drone aerial filming

Drone aerial filming

Who knew it could be so much fun?

Aerial Media Scotland had a fantastic time working with the Autotrader team on there biggest car review film to date providing drone aerial filming. Travelling around various locations on the West Coast of Scotland the team used the DJI Inspire 1 to capture great footage of an amazing collection of super cars including a Pre Production Aston Martin DB11, Bentley Continental GT and McLaren GT.

Sit back, turn the volume up and enjoy these amazing cars!

Filming format

Working with the Director of Photography Aerial Media Scotland was able to provide clean, sharp 1080HD aerial video footage which was edited in with Autotrader’s various ground and onboard camera footage to provide this fantastic 27min film. The DJI Inspire can also provide 4K aerial film footage, but the file sizes are huge and can provide difficulties when editing afterwards with processing capabilities.

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Structural Survey by Drone

Structural survey by drone is the most advanced way to carry out inspection work. A key part to any external building maintenance schedule is the inspection phase. This can sometimes be considered the most important stage as it ensures a…

Quick aerial video

Aerial video is increasingly in demand even when the client just wants stills taken for an aerial roof inspection.

This week Aerial Media Scotland have been working in the Scottish Borders for the local Housing Association carrying out aerial roof surveys on a number of there flat roofed residential properties in Selkirk, Galashiels Pebbles and Hawick.  The task was to carryout a three day trial to see the feasibly and capability of a drone carrying out structural aerial surveys of the roof, gutters and downpipes of the properties, though this ending up starting with an aerial video being taken.

Aerial video on the first day.

As far as we were lead to believe, Scottish Borders Housing Association are the first to have embraced new technology and used a drone to carry out structural aerial surveys in Scotland. As this was a new experience for the property managers the first morning was spent down at there head office demonstrating the capabilities of the aerial drone, showing it’s safety features and its high resolution digital still and video camera.

As the morning progressed this lead to a the managers asking for a short aerial video being filmed for them to use as during a presentation for the board members to get a better understanding of what can be done with a drone and a fully qualified pilot with camera operator.

The rest of the afternoon was spent proving how quick and successful the drone was in carrying out the structural aerial surveys and recording the condition of each roof, with far more building being surveyed over the trial period than we originally planned.

Safety and efficiency of a drone

The speed, safety and efficiency of the drone was a huge bonus, but the roofs hadn’t been surveyed before due to access issues. Previously if this type of inspection was planned, access would have either been via pole and clamp scaffolding or by large truck mounted cherry picker. Each of these methods are much slower, more expensive and potentially less safe as you are exposing staff to working at heights.   For more information of roof and structural aerial surveys please click here.

Sit back and turn the volume up for a very quick wee video.

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Aerial video drone production

Aerial video drone production using a qualified pilot and UAV drone in Scotland The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle also known as Civil Drone industry is fast becoming a cheaper and more effective alternative to capturing aerial video or aerial photographs than…