Aerial inspection by drone

Oil and Gas inspection by UAV

Oil and Gas inspections by UAV / Drones improve both time and safety of inspections. Which in turn makes Drones very attractive in terms of reducing costs and producing accurate data adhering to safety rules at the same time.

How can Drones be utilised in the oil and gas industry?

Utilising the Asctec Falcon 8 drone for oil and gas inspection by UAV operations as well as maritime and ship inspections can reduce costs due to their efficiency, mobility and speed. The safety can also be improved by eliminating the need for humans to be put in danger to carry tasks.


In terms of inspection work of Oil rig platforms or Jack-up Ship legs, Drones are capable of producing high quality imagery, with simultaneous real-time data sent from the Drone camera to the operator on a boat or rig for real-time analysis of the Oil Rig or Jack-up Ships.


Things like corrosion detection, analysis of cracks, spillage and leak detection are easily carried out by drones rather than manually. As far as maintenance and planning go, the information gathered by a drone can be invaluable. Promoting Drones in becoming the preferred technology for inspection work.


Drones against traditional techniques

The use of scaffolding to inspect Oil Rigs or Jack-up Ships is a time consuming method. It also requires an increased amount of planning and downtime and not to mention risking a humans life in order to gain full coverage of the required task. Using Drones to carry out inspection work eliminates the time consuming aspect of “setting up” the easy deployment of a drone will have the inspection work taking place in a matter of minutes.

The client is able to see what is being captured via a live feed to help the fully CAA qualified pilots to maximise the battery life to fully capture the clients demands.


Why should you embrace Drones?

Increased time effectiveness

Less Health and Safety Risk

Decreased time taken without effecting Quality

Ease of deployment on site

Inspection of inaccessible locations

Decreased downtime on site



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