Aerial Inspection Falcon 8

Drone Inspection – Asctec Falcon 8

As the UAV / Drone industry grows as does the technology available within the drones so making them more capable and safer for various tasks including aerial UAV / drone inspection and aerial land surveying.

drone inspection

Aerial Drone Inspection

Asctec Falcon 8

The Asctec Falcon 8 drone is the industry leading drone for aerial drone inspection, geographical surveying and structural inspections including thermal imaging tasks.

The drone has three different payloads including 36MP high resolution camera, combined thermal image and digital camera head and video camera head.

Drone inspection payloads

These payloads allow the drone to carryout difficult access aerial drone inspections quicker, safer and often in higher wind speeds than conventional techniques including rope access and MEWP’s (cherry pickers). Also using a drone to carry out the work means you are not endangering staff working at height.

As soon as the drone has landed the images are downloaded onsite and allow for technical reviews to be carried out straight away identifying critical damage and signs of deterioration to the structures.

Safety and Flight Redundancy for aerial drone inspection

What makes the Asctec and industry leader? The specialised features of the Falcon 8 drone include

  • Triple motor failure whilst in flight – this means 3 out of the 8 motors can fail and the drone will still be able to land safely
  • 3 x IMU sensor pack – this is an industry leading first, with three flight control circuits operating parallel so should one fail, the other two take over seamlessly
  • Dual command and control circuits – most drone only have a single transmit / receive circuit. the Falcon 8 has two circuits working in parallel reducing the risk of interruption and failure.
  • Continuous telemetry downlink and self test before flight.
  • Automatic emergency Return to Home features
  • Screened to prevent interference from EMF’s and external influence such as radio transmissions
  • Semi autonomous flight modes to allow point of interest and GIS survey tasks to be completed quickly and constantly

All these safety features help to ensure this drone is the ideal package for aerial inspection and aerial geographical survey tasks.

Falcon 8 specification

Manufacturer:       Asctec / Intel

Type:                    Octocopter

Payloads:             36MP digital  camera, Thermal image with digital stills camera and 1080HD video camera

Battery :               3 cell LiPo batteries

Flight time:           depending on payload up to 12 – 20mins

Max wind speed: 15 m/s approx 32mph which is an industry high standard

Type of tasks:      Aerial inspection, geo aerial survey (GIS), thermal image inspection, roof and structural inspection

Site operators:     Pilot and payload operator


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