Aerial photography S1000

Aerial photography and Video equipment Aerial photography drone

Over the last few years in particular the aerial photography equipment choice has grown dramatically especially with the expanding choice of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or more commonly known as Drones that are available depending on the task being completed and what type of aerial photography equipment is to be lifted or the image quality that is required.

UAV / Drone camera

Aerial Media Scotland wants to produce the highest quality of aerial video feed or aerial photograph so we use a DJI S1000 with a Sony NEX 7 mirrorless camera fitted with a 16mm lens.

The combination of professional quality Octocopter and 24M pixel camera gives outstanding quality and detail in every image. The other key benefit of the Sony NEX 7 is the 1080 / 720 HD video feed which can be recorded in MPEG-4 or Sony’s ultra high quality AVCH formats.

The camera is remotely viewed with a ground based monitor so the pilot and client can see what is being framed by the camera and then it is remotely triggered to take the picture by the pilot.

DJI S1000 specification

Diameter       1.2m across the arms

Height           0.65m

Weight          9.5Kg at take off with battery

No. Motors    8

Battery          1 x 16,000mah 6 cell LiPo

Flight time     14 minutes

Payload         DJI Zenmuse gimbal for Sony NEX 7 camera


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