Telecoms line of sight testing by UAV Drones

telecoms line of sightTelecoms line of sight testing will only grow in demand with the demand for greater coverage for mobile phone and mobile broadband 4G mobile phone signals and rural broadband links increasing and the demand for new site development continues.

Conventional telecoms line of sight testing techniques would involve using  mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) or portable extendable poles which only have a limited height capabilities. Both of these options also have limitations on access particularly in off road and remote hillside locations. The use of MEWP’s in urban environments also can have issues with temporary planning permission or road closures.

Telecoms Line of sight testing – Embrace new technology

UAV drone telecoms line of sight testing

Embracing new technology with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) more commonly known as drones, greatly speeds up the line of sight testing within the telecoms industry. Flying the UAV’s at dedicated heights and completing 360° panoramic images to identify the field of view at 30° sectors can be completed in a matter of minutes. Live images can be viewed by the onsite surveyors and radio planners or streamed from site for immediate updates from nominated site.

Whilst onsite should a better location be nominated by the survey and radio planners the drone can easily be re-deployed to prove the telecoms line of sight for network coverage as well microwave link capabilities. The UAV can also be launched to look down specific bearings to prove line of sight for microwave inter tower connections, especially in densely wooded areas that have proven to be difficult with conventional techniques.

As the map shows, Aerial Media Scotland has extensive experience and capability in accessing remote locations and providing line of site testing and producing reports for our clients UK wide.

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