Working at heights

Working at heights qualified……. but why?

Aerial Media Scotland understands that this may come as a surprise to some.   Surely NOT having the risks of personnel Working at Heights is one of the main benefits of using Drone / UAV for your Survey and Inspections need.

Aerial Media Scotland has used its significant knowledge and expertise in the field of Drone / UAV Wind Turbine Inspections and is proud to announce they are now GWO Working at Heights Qualified.

Client engagement at its best

Understanding the challenges for business and always striving to work in partnership and collaboration with their clients. Aerial Media Scotland have been listening to their colleagues in the Wind Power Industry and become working at heights qualified.

With the significant risks associated with wind turbines and the numerous safeguards in place required that during inspections two GWO Approved Technicians (ATs) are required to be present. This is to comply with current Health & Safety Legislation and the Working at Height Regulations 2005 

So Why?

Aerial Media Scotland have the knowledge, skills and PPE to perform safe working at heights and comprehensive rescue from heights in wind turbine environments meaning they can assist the technician team to comply with the safety procedures for the Wind Industry and ONLY require ONE Approved Technician (AT) during inspections to be on site.




What does this mean?

  • 50% cost reduction in technical support requirements.
  • Streamlined Planning and Scheduling as minimal support required
  • Increased Productivity as increased available Technical Personnel can be assigned to other projects
  • Ability to offer cost effective and competitive propositions for inspections to your clients.
  • Working with Aerial Media Scotland

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